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"never face the challenge of  not having enough work  experience for employment."

Point nurtures & develops creative minds.

Our programs shape and mold the next generation of problem solvers by ingraining skill sets needed for the creative process, conceptual design, design fundamentals, development of marketing strategies, investigative discovery skills, and interpretive skills of understanding a creative brief. Point internships pair creative talent with the technical skills necessary to masterfully use industry-leading hardware and software standards to execute high-quality design and visual communications. 


Point students develop the toolbox required to take their clients or employers from problem to solution. Our program guarantees real work experience for our students. Each of our trainees completes three real-life internships; during these internships, students will develop their digital portfolios under the guidance of industry experts. 

Your career as a creative professional starts here.

call us 505.400.7665

About Us

Shape youre 

Your career as a creative professional starts here.

call us 505.400.7665

Our students will never face the challenge of not having enough work experience for employment. Point trainees finish our program with a comprehensive education on visual communication, a complete portfolio, a certificate of completion, a résumé of work, and are ready to hit the ground running. Our students are set apart by combining comprehensive education with functional job training. 


This program deploys students quickly and efficiently into the workforce. Each student will finish with a complete digital portfolio ready to hit the ground running. This program has a duration of 12 months; 10 are dedicated to educating students on the principles they will need to succeed in their internships. The Internship programs will last 12 months.

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